The Compliance Handbook was a quick immersion introduction of our staff to the rules, regulations and intricacies of 17024.  It is a great resource for our staff to learn the requirements and rules of 17024.  Our staff refers to the Compliance Handbook for tips and tools while working on audits and reports for 17024.

Bill Kent – Program Director, AEE (Association of Energy Engineers)

Dr. Judd is one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry regarding accreditation, and ANSI/ISO 17024 certification in specific.  I to find the book to be an invaluable resource for interpreting the ANSI/ISO 17024 standard.

Jim DiIanni – former Microsoft Director of Certification

The 17024 Compliance Handbook is the best reference tool for accreditation. I keep it on my desk and refer to it all the time.

Amanda Smith – Special Projects & Credentialing Manager, NAEC (National Association of Elevator Contractors)

“As a certification manager new to 17024, I really benefit from The 17024 Compliance Handbook’s detailed description of standards and how they apply to our program.  It’s the first place I look for advice in formulating new policies & procedures.”

Melanie Danuser – NEEC BOC
(Northwest Energy Efficiency Council, Building Operator Certification)

“Wallace Judd’s 17024 Compliance Handbook is THE indisputable source for credentialing programs seeking accreditation for personnel certification. I enthusiastically recommend the purchase of the electronic version because one can tailor its contents and produce the necessary requirements for an acceptable application. TheHandbook is cross-referenced to the particular demands of the standards. Model documents are provided, and Dr. Judd provides judicious commentary when needed. Indispensable for any program that wants to achieve ISO status.”

Jan paul Miller – former certification manager,
AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation)

I have been working in the certification field for more than 20 years and find the Compliance Handbook assisted me in interpreting and understanding the requirements of ISO/IEC 17024.  It is a wonderful reference.

Jacqueline Callighan  (former 17024 Assessor)