Top Management Meeting Minutes

The requirements of ISO/IEC 17024 Section are much more prescriptive than other requirements in the Standard. So conformance requires specific information.

The minutes of the Top Management Meeting must reflect the three outputs specified by, listed below in New Business. The initial agenda is included in the form: Top Management Meeting Agenda.docx.


C_Corp Top Management Meeting

Date:                             October 31, 2021

In Attendance:          Jim Jordan, President; Art Anderson, Executive Vice-President; Anna Lee, Vice-President, Training; Kim Caldwell, Certification Director.

Meeting Called to Order: 10:20 a.m.

Certification Review:

a) results of internal and external audits (e.g. accreditation body assessment);

b) feedback from applicants, candidates, certified persons and interested parties related to the fulfilment of ISO/IEC 17024;

c) safeguarding impartiality;

d) the status of preventive and corrective actions;

e) follow-up actions from previous management reviews;

f) the fulfilment of objectives;

g) changes that could affect the management system;

h) appeals and complaints.

New Business

In addition to the Certification Review, the following topics were discussed:

i) Improvement of the effectiveness of the management system and its processes;

j) Improvement of the certification services related to the fulfilment of this International Standard;

k) Resource needs for certification.

Make sure that all items included in both Certification Review and New Business appear as indicated in the minutes, no matter what other business is to be conducted.